Thursday, November 12, 2009

ONE OF THE World's Biggest Pregnant Belly

ONE OF THE World's Biggest Pregnant Belly

Bobbi McCaughey

Bobbi McCaughey gave birth to the first living septuplets in the U.S. in 1997. Her seven babies ranged in size from two and a half to over three pounds. The McCaughey septuplets were born at 31 weeks, so they also were not the size of a fully developed newborn at their births. Because of the septuplets prematurity, one of the babies, Alexis, was born with cerebral palsy. Also, several of the septuplets have learning difficulties related to their prematurity.

Bobbi McCaughey's belly was reported by Newsweek to be 52 inches around, or just over 4 feet, which definitely puts her in the running for the world's biggest pregnant belly. Bobbi was on bedrest from the ninth week of her pregnancy on to prevent the babies from being born too prematurely to survive. A uterus stretched so far is very irritable and can very easily be irritated into contractions simply by too much activity. LOOKS LIKE SHAQ IS IN THERE .....


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